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If Your Gay Are You Going To Hell

If Your Gay Are You Going To Hell

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No, sir, you did not have sex. HIS if your gay are you going to hell was an assault. Its a crime. Gay speed dating pittsburgh the abomination. Youre the victim. Youve got to get this right If you are someone who is not a Christian and you identify as a homosexual my hope is that you see the marvelous beauty of the gospel of Christ. I know plenty of people in the LGBTQ community. As a believer, I wholly support the community and the people within it. IMO the worst thing you can do is rape someone and according to the Islamic religious book Quran, even those monsters are allowed to go to heaven. So if Allah. If you believe homosexuality is a sin, the Scriptures condemn, sexual orientation doesnt exist read this book. Argue with it, confirm your. Hello writer, O.K lets start with your situation. Jesus calls Fornication sin. That means any sex outside of a first covenant heterosexual marriage. Alans monthly letter for March 2012 A homosexual man asked my wife, Do you think Im going to Hell? Thats a tough question. Yes and go see the bible ( which is the book God wrote) and if you believe hell is man made i dont believe it because the bible never changed ( my opinion). How do sincere, Bible-believing Christians balance their interpretation of Scriptures with everyday encounters with gays and lesbians? God saves us from our sins, not from our sexual orientation. When anyone trusts Jesus Christ alone through faith alone (without works) for salvation, they are. People believe what they believe, unfortunately some think this to be true. I am an atheist i dont believe in god i dont there is a heaven or a hell. Absolutely NOT! If you believe in hell there are tons of sins in the Bible that people today dont even know like not being allowed to wear more than one. According to the Bible, homosexuality is a serious sin. A person can still go to heaven if they repent of it, but to be an unrepentant homosexual and expect God. No. Nor would you go to heaven by not being bi. Im assuming you if your gay are you going to hell it to be sin in some fashion to ask like this, and I wont disagree with you. Please allow me to share some information that may help you with your query. Only you can answer the question you ask. A priest cannot. The pope cannot. My name is Liv Funk, and Im writing this to explain why I want changes to how LGBTQ students are treated at North Bend High School in. Its been a long time since I had a therapist, and with bipolar disorder, best mature dating apps disorder (ADHD) and anxiety, going without therapy. Do not be deceived neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor the covetous. NO NOT AT ALL God is totally against homosexuality There are many reasons for this Love the people though but hate the sin. Being gay is not - really not - actually a sin in Judaism. There is a verse prohibiting one variety of physical sexual activity. A variety of sexual. The relationship between religion and the LGBTQ community is a complicated one, and everyone experiences it differently. Pastor Rick Warren gives his point of view on whether homosexuals will go to hell or not. Scott Morrison has cleared up speculation he believes gay people are going to hell, amid concerns another Liberal candidate holds. Sodom & Gomorrah are destroyed in this KJV bible for not having (10) faithful Worshippers found in the city to Give God Hugh Praises. The sin that Got the city. Being gay wont send you to hell. The question is, Can you believe in Jesus and be homosexual at the same time? Learn why the answer is both yes and no. You will not! There are many reasons why— First, hell is not real. It was invented by the church to scare people into donating. We all were born sinners but just struggle with different sins. · Which means since we are all sinners. · The good news is that Jesus had died for. God made you. Do gay montreal chat think he would send you to hell because of the way that he made you? Of course not. The answer to you question, Can you ever make it. And there is heterosexual people about, 2022. - pope francis has life share about, the gay people going to gays, it. - if not to. Celibacy only becomes a life-giving vocation for gay people when we stop treating it like a ticket to heaven. Because its not. According to one evangelist, when the Rapture comes, some people are going to have hell to pay. Students alleged officials turned a blind eye to years of anti-gay discrimination at the Oregon high school. I didnt know what to respond with for a while but when watching gay tiktoks, I found this~ You pick my gay as why Im going to hell? Yes, very definitely. But I will also go to hell, and I am heterosexual. Why? Because everybody alex alexander gay escort to hell. Hell in the Bible is not some bonkers torture. Maybe its because, as a pastor of students, Ive seen and heard the horror stories of gay Christian kids, from both inside and outside of the. 27 votes, 213 comments. Can you back up your claims with Bible verses please? Im really struggling. Thanks. Well, I have a more complex understanding of salvation and judgment than that. I believe that, as Paul intimated, there are multiple levels of heaven. Possibly. But then so might any pastor, priest, or pope, regardless of sexuality. However, Hell is for the enemies of God — which is to say, the enemies of. The Last Week Tonight host explained why Disneys explanation for supporting the lawmakers behind the discriminatory bill is total. There is no such place as hell. The Roman Catholic church awhile back admitted to making hell up as a means to excercise control over the masses by. Re: How do I deal with someone who claims that I will burn in hell for homosexuality? According to Bible and other holy books, IT IS A SIN. And to be clear homosexuality is sin. We are all guilty and need Jesus as our Savior. Jesus has paid all sin in full- accept Jesus and allow The Holy Spirit to. Republican legislatures across the country have mobilized against the LGBTQ+ community, pushing through bills that would discriminate against. I felt myself die whenever the television pastors my mother watched every day had sermons on homosexuality. They always recited 1 Corinthians 6:. Ray Comfort talks with two young women, one who says shes going to Hell because shes gay. Watch how this unique evangelism conversation. Randy Roberts Potts, the openly gay grandson of if your gay are you going to hell Oral Roberts, talks to CNNs Don Lemon about coming out. My parents said exactly that when I came out at 14. Of course, that was in 1967. First, my mom cried and wailed. She said I would never get married. Probes Sue Bohlin responds to a students objection to her statement that homosexuality is not a heaven or hell issue.

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Have you considered the possibility that you are a transgender woman? Gay men dont ordinarily go around saying things like my heart and. When Mohamed was caught with his boyfriend he had to flee Somaliland, where homosexuality is illegal. Subscribe & Socials Below ♡Today Im in venice beach asking strangers wether they think gay people go to heaven or hell? There is no Christian religion that discriminates on sexual orientation. Of course there are groups that call themselves Christian, they believe in a flat. If you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, and you are concerned about whether you will go to heaven, this is for you. Relax, nobodys going to hell. Well, not for being gay, anyway. Look, is being gay against the ten commandments? No. Does it say anywhere in the bible that. Traditionally, Christianity has considered same-sex attraction to be sinful. A lot of LGBTQ+ people question their Christian beliefs and. Youre not going to hell it will be okay. God forgives all and even then you havent committed a sin you are just who you are. Why would God. This is the question my daughter asked after shed heard news reports about the sacking of former Wallabies star, Israel Folau, following his. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints doesnt teach that there is a literal lake-of-fire-and-brimstone Hell as the sectarian world. Religious people say that gay is a choice. OR, they say that its natural, but older gay dating younger gay who has other loves on those impulses is the sin. Hell is fictional. Just like heaven is. But even if we pretend God is real, he made you the way you are so hes actually OK with you being gay. Its the. On one side are churches that teach that homosexuality is blessed by God. On the other side are churches that condemn all homosexual thoughts and actions as. Well, lets see. God never threatened Adam & Eve of Hell. Cain was never warned of Hell before slaying Abel. God never proclaimed the people not saved in. Being lesbian is permanent. Its how God made you. If your parents believe all homosexuals go to hell, do if your gay are you going to hell Jesus would do: turn the other cheek.

i think this is probably a troll question but Ill bite I guess. Because a real person might have this question. So 3 things 1. You go to heaven by grace. Michael Overd accused of using threatening language towards two gay men when he saw them holding hands in street. The leaders of both Australias major political parties have agreed that gays dont go to hell because of their sexual orientation. No, it will not! I am gay and Christian. My priest is gay, his (ex) husband is the priest at another parish in town, and they adopted two beautiful girls. Author and journalist Keith Howes shares him thoughts on those people who tell us homosexuals should go to hell. The word homosexual didnt even exist in english until then. Jesus also healed a gay couple, and you probably know that its not a choice. Yes. If you are Christian according to Christianity, it is a sin as well as in Islam if you are a Muslim of course, and in many other religions.and why? We Love You, But Youre Going to Hell presents a non-confrontational study of the conflict surrounding Christian faith, Scriptures, and homosexuality. Archbishop Desmond Tutu: Oppression of Gays is New Apartheid. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who fought racial discrimination in South Africa, says. 252 votes, 61 comments. And its hard to tell that to someone who was born gay. My teacher said this to my class list of top gay dating apps 11-year-old students.

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Fischer also says Pete Buttigieg how to be a better gay bottom prancing around the nation and that the Equality Act will protect pedophiles. The previous paragraph is what much of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender) community hears on a daily basis from Christians. Jesus paid for our sins and God accepted His payment · What Jesus says about Hell · They did not trust Jesus Christ as their Savior from sin. · Helpful Links to How do sincere, Bible-believing Christians balance their interpretation of Scriptures with everyday encounters with gays and lesbians? Jesus was a radical. He preached to children, saved prostitutes, hung out with the lepers, called for change in the temples, practiced pacifism. 32 votes, 83 comments. Hi, PK (pastors kid) here. My dad knows I have lgbtq friends but not that Im lgbtq myself (hed probably kick me. Homosexuality is a sin - a heinous sin! But so is adultery - another sexual sin. However, homosexuality is not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (generally. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York, was among 13 ultra-conservative bishops, if your gay are you going to hell charged that Pope Francis tried to stack. I was discussing religion the other day with my mom. She told me that when she revealed in conversation to a few members of her bible study that. Perhaps instead of worrying your mind, you could start using it. Does it occur to you that maybe the religion of people who condemn you for being the way God. Thus, the Old Testament condemns the practice of homosexuality. And while that doesnt change in the New Testament, the latter does tell us that we have the. Bridget Eileen Rivera writes and speaks on issues touching faith, sexuality, and justice. She gay dating site review served as a committee member for Revoice. Okay, so I am an atheist, as far as Im concerned, there is no hell. No religion in the history of mankind and written history has proven that their god (s). (Mother | Catholic | Family | Lesbian) [TV-PG] aims to help if your gay are you going to hell, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people learn. I highly recommend reading Boy Erased by Garrard Conley. It is the memoir of a teenage Christian boy who goes through gay conversion therapy. I will give you the real answer, which is not based on beliefs, personal opinions, desires, theories, or currently fashionable thought. This is coming from an Christian: no matter what you believe in, you are not going to hell for being gay. Everyone sins and that does not mean that they are. No. Changing genders is its own special kind of hell. When I discuss the topic of transgender-ism I typically ask the person if they have ever heard of. Its not being gay thats wrong its having sex outside of marriage and engaging in unhealthy sexual behavior thats wrong. I guess my question. but then Jesus Christ came along and died for us and forgave us our sins, so Id like to think that no, in point of fact, it is not a sin. If you are a Christian parent, family member or friend to whom your loved one has come out as gay or lesbian, then this is for you. I invite you to sit down. Gays are not going to Hell.: The shocking truth about Homosexuality and the Bible - Kindle edition by Musick, Beatriz E. Religion & Spirituality Kindle. How could a lesbian or gay Christian discuss the decision to come out as bi and open themselves to censure despite being in or pursuing only seemingly straight. As most of these answers are very beige, I guess Ill give a more satisfying answer for your question. As a individual who has struggled with my sexuality.

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